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With over 30 years of experience in designing cooling systems, AytekChillers  specializes in water chilling systems for industrial and commercial process cooling applications.

Today, Aytek  offers a full  range of technologically advanced cooling and tempering systems  (ISO 9001 certification from the TUV in 2013) with an excellent quality-price ratio, enabling us to be the market leader in Industrial Cooling in Turkey.

More than 3000 chillers sold  in Turkey and  Export Markets,makes Aytek a well known brand with a succesfull sales organization, an extensive network of partners and service centers and constantly growing turnover.

We are out to prove that an effective cooling system that is less expensive can provide high production output  with an optimum energy consumption  throughout its operating life.

We welcome your cooling challenge and will assist you to find out system loads and project priorities, then select the proper cooling system that is suitable for the project.